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The Laboratory for Advanced System Software (LASS) investigates systems issues for distributed systems ranging from large server clusters to networks of small sensors. Our past and current research has focused on issues in operating systems, distributed systems, networking, mobile systems, web and multimedia. We build prototype systems and understand them using analysis and experimentation.

Research Areas

Our lab comprises of two research groups: distributed systems group and green computing group.

Distributed Systems research

The distributed systems research group focuses on topics in cloud computing, virtualization, data centers and data management. Ongoing projects include:

  • Cloud-MD: Mobile and Distributed Clouds
  • GreenClouds: Greening Data Centers, Clouds and Distributed Systems
  • BenchLab: Realistic, Open Internet-scale Benchmarking

Green Computing research

The Green Computing research group focuses on topics in sustainability, smarter energy systems, smart buildings, smart grid and renewables. We take a systems and data analytics approach to addressing problems in this area. Ongoing projects include:

  • Data Analytics for Smarter Energy Systems
  • Demand-side Energy Management for Smart Homes
  • Privacy in the Smart Grid.

Latest News

  • Sep 2018: Srinivasan Iyengar successfully defended his thesis
  • Jun 2018: Prateek Sharma successfully defended his thesis and joined Indiana University as an Assistant Professor
  • Aug 2018: Paper on programmable solar accepted to BuildSys 2018
  • Feb 2018: Our WattHome paper accepted to KDD 2018

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