Prashant Shenoy

shenoy [at] cs. umass. edu
(413) 577 0850
Fax: (413) 545 1249
Computer Science Bldg Room 336

Research Staff

Emmanuel Cecchet

Research Scientist
cecchet [at] cs. umass. edu
(413) 577 3787
CS Room 216 A

Navin Sharma

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
nksharma [at] cs. umass. edu
(413) 545 xxxx
CS Room 220

Graduate Students

Lab Alumni

Past PhD Students and Post-Docs
Past Masters Students
  • Sneha Narayan (M.S. 2015)
    Employer: Twilio

  • Sandeep Karla(M.S. 2015)

  • Veena Udayabhanu (M.S., Spring 2012)
    Thesis: Benchlab: An Open Testbed for Realistic Benchmarking of Web Applications
    Employer: Microsoft

  • Aditya Nemmaluri (M.S., Spring 2008)
    Employer: Cisco Systems

  • Rick Cocci (M.S., Spring 2008)
    Employer: State Street

  • Gaurav Mathur (M.S., Summer 2007)
    Employer: Google

  • Srinath Gaddam ( M.S., Summer 2004 )
    Thesis: Spatial and Temporal Prediction for Application Replication in Content Services Networks

  • Peter Radkov ( M.S., Summer 03 )
    Thesis: An Experimental Comparison of File- and Block-Access Protocols for IP-Networked Storage
    Employer: Sirma Corporation, Bulgaria

  • Jiang Lan ( M.S., Summer 02 )
    Thesis: Cache Consistency Techniques for Peer-to-peer File Sharing Networks
    Employer: Verizon Corporation

  • Saif Hasan ( M.S., Summer 01 )
    Thesis: Performance Evaluation of Multimedia Middleware and Multimedia Operating Systems
    Employer: Microsoft Corporation

  • Anoop Ninan( M.S., Summer 01 )
    Thesis: Maintaining Cache Consistency in Content Distribution Networks
    Employer: EMC Corporation

  • M S. Raunak ( M.S., Summer00 )
    Project: Implications of Proxy Caching for Provisioning Servers and Networks
    Assistant Professor, Loyola University

  • Venkata Duvvuri ( M.S.,Summer 99 )
    Thesis: Adaptive Leases: A Strong Consistency Mechanism for the World Wide Web
    Inital Employer: Goldman Sachs ,  Current Employer:

Administrative Staff

Karren Sacco

ksacco [at] cs. umass. edu
(413) 577 0292
CS Room 312