Smart Energy and Smart Buildings

The Smart* project seeks to optimize energy consumption in homes, with specific attention to modern ‘smart homes’ and the new opportunities made available by such homes. A corecomponent of the project is several heavily-instrumented smart homes that provide us with a testbed to gather real-life data and experiment with new techniques and algorithms to improve home energy efficiency. To facilitate further research on sustainability in smart homes, we have also released a significant subset of our data, which is available at this page.

In the course of the Smart* project, we have investigated a wide range of topics involving the design, deployment, and efficient use of smart homes for sustainability, such as:

Data and Software Releases

  1. UMass Smart* Home Data Set This data set includes a variety of traces from three separate smart homes. These traces are available from our trace repository.

  2. UMass Smart* Microgrid Data Set This data set includes electrical data from over 400 homes. These traces are also available from our trace repository.

  3. Smart* Software Tools These tools include utilities to facilitate data collection using commodity sensors. Source code is available from our software repository.



Sandeep Karla
Sandeep Karla