Prashant Shenoy
Distinguished Professor

Research Staff

Emmanuel Cecchet
Research Scientist
Abel Souza
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Camellia Zakaria
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Li (Lilly) Wu
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Noman Bashir
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Anupama Sitaraman
Undergraduate Student
Tergel Molom-Ochir
Undergraduate Student

Past PhD Students and Post-Docs

John Wamburu (PhD, Fall 2022)
Research Staff, IBM Research, Kenya
Thesis: Data-Driven Modeling and Analytics for Greening the Energy Ecosystem
Amee Trivedi (PhD, Summer 2021)
Research Staff, AT&T Labs Research
Thesis: Human Mobility Monitoring using WiFi: Analysis, Modeling, and Applications
Ahmed Ali-Eldin (Postdoctoral Fellow, Fall 2020)
Assistant Professor, Chalmers University, Sweden
Stephen Lee (PhD, Summer 2019)
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Thesis: Software-defined Infrastructure For IOT-Based Energy Systems
Jeremy Gummeson (Research Fellow, Summer 2019; joint with Deepak Ganesan)
Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, ECE
Vani Gupta (PhD, Summer 2019; co-advised with Ramesh Sitaraman)
Assistant Professor, Providence College
Thesis: Energy-aware Algorithms For Greening Internet-Scale Distributed Systems Using Renewables
Srinivasan Iyengar (PhD, Fall 2018)
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Research India
Thesis: Scalable data-driven modeling and analytics for smart buildings
Prateek Sharma (PhD, Summer 2018)
Assistant Professor, Indiana University Bloomington
Thesis: Transiency-Driven Resource Management For Cloud Computing Platforms
Tian Guo (PhD, Summer 2016)
Assistant Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Thesis: Elastic Resource Management in Distributed Clouds
Xin He (PhD, Summer 2016)
Thesis: Application-aware Resource Management for Cloud Platforms
Aditya Mishra (PhD, Summer 2015)
Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University
Thesis: Energy Optimizations for Smart Buildings and Smart Grids
Sean Barker (PhD, Spring 2014)
Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
Thesis: Model-Driven Analytics of Energy Meter Data in Smart Homes
Rahul Singh (PhD, Spring 2013)
Thesis: Resource Management for Enterprise Data center Applications
Navin Sharma (PhD, Spring 2013)
Postdoctoral Reseacher and Founder, Heystack Inc.
Thesis: Designing Distributed Systems for Intermittent Power
Upendra Sharma (Spring 2013)
Research Staff Member, IBM Watson
Thesis: Elastic Resource Management in Cloud Computing Platforms
David Irwin (Postdoctoral Fellow, Summer 2012)
Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, ECE
Tim Wood (PhD, Spring 2011)
Assistant Professor, George Washington University
Thesis: Improving Data Center Resource Management, Deployment, and Availability with Virtualization
Mike Zink (Postdoctoral Fellow, Summer 2008; joint with Jim Kurose)
Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, ECE
Peter Desnoyers (PhD, Fall 2007)
Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
Thesis: Distributed Sensing Networks: Archiving, Indexing, and Analysis
Puru Kulkarni (PhD, Fall 2006)
Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay
Thesis: Design Issues in Multi-tier Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
Xiaotao Liu (PhD, Summer 2006)
CEO, SuperNode
Thesis: System Support for Pervasive Multimedia Systems
Huan Li (PhD, Summer 2006)
Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology
Thesis: Resource Management for Distributed Real-Time Sensor Systems
Vijay Sundaram (PhD, Fall 2005)
Microsoft Corp.
Thesis: Self-managing Techniques for Storage Resource Management
Bhuvan Urgaonkar (PhD, Summer 2005)
Professor, Pennsylvania State University
Thesis: Dynamic Resource Management in Internet Hosting Platforms
Abhishek Chandra (PhD, Fall 2004)
Professor, University of Minnesota
Thesis: Resource Allocation for Self-Managing Servers

Past Masters and Visiting Students

Shruti Jasoria (MS, Summer 2023) Employer: Goldman Sachs
Assan Toleuov (MS, 2019) Employer: Facebook
Jonathan Westin (MS,) Employer: Swedbank
Ishita Dasgupta (MS, Spring 2017) Employer: Adobe Research Scientist
Roopa Shenoy (MS, 2017) Employer: Splunk
Puja Mishra (MS, 2016) Employer: Data Sciences International
Nikita Mehra (MS, 2016) Employer: LinkedIn
Anushree Ghosh (MS, 2016) Employer: Microsoft
Sneha Narayan (MS,) Employer: Twilio
Sandeep Karla (MS, 2015) Employer: Amazon
Benoy Varghese (Visiting PhD, 2015) Employer: Executive Dean, Kent Institute, Australia
Veena Udayabhanu (MS, Spring 2012) Employer: Software Engineering Manager
Gal Niv (MS, Spring 2009) Employer: Kintent
Srinath Gaddam (MS, Summer 2004) Founder of Bansuri Media
Jiang Lan (MS, Summer 2002) Employer: Verizon Corp.
Venkata Duvvuri (MS, Summer 2000) Adjunct Professorr, Northeastern Univ., NVIDIA