Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean

Office: Room A333 LGRC
Email: shenoy [at] cs.umass.edu
Phone: (413) 577 0850

Address: 140 Governors Drive, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003

Admin: Karren Sacco, A253 LGRC, Ph: (413) 577 0292


I am a Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean in the College of Information and Computer Sciences at UMass Amherst. My research interests lie broadly in distributed systems and networking. I head the Laboratory for Advanced Systems Software here at UMass where we focus on building systems and understand them through modeling, analysis and experimentation. I direct the recently established Center for Smart and Connected Society (CS2) and previously directed the Center for Personalized Health Monitoring (CPHM), at UMass.


Honors and Awards

Recent News

  • July 2020: Honored to be awarded Distinguished Professor rank.
  • June 2020: Our ACM e-Energy paper on greening the grid was given Best Paper Runner up award.
  • Apr 2020: Honored to be receive a Conti Research Fellowship.
  • Apr 2020: Ahmed Aley to join Chalmers University as Asst Professor.
  • March 2020: Stephen Lee awarded the 2020 UMass CICS Outstanding Dissertation award.
  • Dec 2019: Honored to be selected a Fellow of the ACM.
  • July 2019: Our ACM e-Energy paper on decarbonizing IDNs won the Best Paper award.
  • July 2019: Our HPDC 2019 SpotWeb paper was a Best Paper Finalist.
  • June 2019: Stephen Lee, Jeremy Gummeson and Vani Gupta will join the faculty at U.Pitt, UMass ECE and Providence College, respectively.
  • March 2019: Prateek Sharma awarded the 2019 UMass CICS Outstanding Dissertation award.
  • Oct 2018: Srinivasan Iyengar to join Microsoft Research India as a post-doctoral researcher.
  • Sep 2018: Delighted to host P. Anandan, CEO of Wadhwani AI, for the Future series talk
  • Sep 2018: Prateek Sharma to join Indiana University Bloomington as Asst Professor.
  • Apr 2018: PC Co-Chair for ACM/IEEE IoTDI Conference at 2019 CPS Week
  • Apr 2018: Joined Editorial Board of ACM Transactions on IoT (ACM TIOT).
  • Mar 2018: Distinguished lecture at Colorado State
  • Feb 2018: Chair for new ACM Emerging Interest Group on Energy (ACM EIG-Energy)
  • Nov 2017: Elected as AAAS Fellow 2018
  • Nov 2017: ACM Buildsys'17 paper was best paper finalist

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I am an experimental Computer Scientist with a focus on distributed systems and networking. My current research projects focus on cloud computing, green computing, and energy informatics. I also maintain broad interests in operating systems and virtualization, storage and data management, IoT and sensor networks, mobile and multimedia computing, and Internet-scale systems.

Full list of my Publications and Recent Talks

Also see my publications page at Google Scholar and DBLP.

Research group: Laboratory for Advanced Systems Software

I maintain the UMass Trace Repository, UMass CS Weather Station, BenchLab, Smart* Dataset.

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I have become more selective in my external professional service due to my internal role as Associate Dean.

I am serving as General Co-chair of ACM/IEEE IoTDI 2020. I recently co-chaired ACM/IEEE IoTDI 2019 and ACM APSys 2017. Previously, I have served as Program Chair or General Chair for sixteen conferences and workshops. Here is a list of conferences I have chaired.

I have served or am serving on the editorial boards of ACM Transactions on IOT (TIOT), ACM Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (TOMPECS), ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB), Springer Multimedia Systems, Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, PeerJ Computer Science. I serve as the Chair of the ACM Emerging Interest Group on Energy (EIG-Energy) and have previously served on the Steering Committee of ACM e-Energy, ACM BuildSys and IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing.