Cloud and Virtualization

This work leverages virtualization technology to improve the performance, security, and manageability of data centers and cloud platforms. Our on-going projects include:
  • Exploiting virtualization as a building block for elastic resource management
  • Designing data centers with renewable power and cooling
  • Handling Transiency in distributed systems
  • Geo-scale services for distributed cloud
  • Mobile-aware Cloud platforms

Smart Energy and Smart Buildings

Buildings account for around 76% of total electricity consumption in the US. We address problems such as:
  • Open cloud-based internet of things (IoT) platform for smart homes
  • ML-based data analytics for smarter energy systems
  • Demand-side energy management for smart homes
  • Privacy issues in the Smart Grid
  • Incorporate energy storage and renewable energy into smart buildings


This project seeks to provide the research community with more realistic benchmarks by providing real applications with real production workloads. BenchLab provides a framework to replay these workloads using real web browsers that can be deployed anywhere on the Internet. Our latest developments also provide support for mobile devices with mBenchLab. We are exploring the impact of Internet scale workloads on Web Applications including the effects of WAN latencies, load balancers, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), replication and high availability (HA) mechanisms.

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