• May 2021: Our CarbonFirst project on sustainable cloud computing is successfully funded by NSF and VMware.
  • Feb 2021: Prashant Shenoy co-founded ACM Special Interest Group on Energy (SIGEnergy).


  • Nov 2020: Congrats to Pradeep Ambati, Noman Bashir, David Irwin, and Prashant Shenoy for being nominated by ACM/IEE Supercomputing 2020 for the best paper and best student paper awards. (view paper here)
  • Oct 2020: Congrats to Amee Trivedi, Phuthipong Bovornkeeratiroj, Joseph Breda, Prashant Shenoy, Jay Taneja and David Irwin for receiving the best paper award for ISGC 2020. (view paper here)
  • Jul 2020: Congrats to Prashant Shenoy for being awarded the Distinguished Professor rank.
  • Jun 2020: Congrats to Rishikesh Jha, Stephen Lee, Srinivasan Iyengar, Mohammad Hajiesmaili, David Irwin and Prashant Shenoy for receiving the best paper runner-up award for ACM e-Energy. (view paper here)
  • Apr 2020: Congrats to Prashant Shenoy for receiving the Conti Research Fellowship.
  • Apr 2020: Congrats to Ahmed Aley who will be joining Chalmers University as an Assistant Professor.
  • Mar 2020: Congrats to Stephen Lee who is awarded the 2020 UMass CICS Outstanding Dissertation award.


  • Dec 2019: Congrats to Prashant Shenoy for being selected a Fellow of the ACM.
  • Jul 2019: Congrats to Vani Gupta, Prashant Shenoy and Ramesh K. Sitaraman for receiving the best paper award for ACM e-Energy 2019. (view paper here)
  • Jul 2019: Congrats to Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Jonathan Westin, Bin Wang, Prateek Sharma, Prashant Shenoy. Their HPDC 2019 SpotWeb paper was a Best Paper Finalist. (view paper here)
  • Jul 2019:Congrats to Stephen Lee and Vani Gupta who successfully defended their Ph.d thesis.
  • Jun 2019: Congrats to Stephen Lee, Jeremy Gummeson and Vani Gupta who will join the faculty at University of Pittburgh, University of Massachusetts ECE and Providence College, respectively.
  • Mar 2019: Congrats to Prateek Sharma who is awarded the 2019 UMass CICS Outstanding Dissertation award.
  • Mar 2019: Prashant Shenoy will deliver a keynote talk at the 2019 CPSWeek Fog-IoT workshop.


  • Dec 2018: Resource Deflation paper accepted at 2019 ACM Eurosys.
  • Nov 2018: Prashant Shenoy will be the new Director of the UMass Center for Personalized Health Monitoring (CPHM).
  • Oct 2018: Congrats to Srinivasan Iyengar for joining Microsoft Research India as a post-doctoral researcher.
  • Oct 2018: Congrats to Prateek Sharma for being nominated for ACM Distinguished Dissertation Award
  • Sep 2018: Prashant Shenoy to host P. Anandan, CEO of Wadhwani AI, for the Future series talk
  • Sep 2018: Congrats to Prateek for accepting a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Sep 2018: Srinivasan Iyengar successfully defended his thesis
  • Aug 2018: Paper on programmable solar accepted to BuildSys 2018
  • Jun 2018: Prateek Sharma successfully defended his thesis
  • Mar 2018: Prashant Shenoy to deliver Distinguished Lecture at Colorado State University
  • Feb 2018: Our WattHome paper accepted to KDD 2018



  • Nov 2015: NSF Grant on Improving Privacy in Smart Homes and Buildings
  • Nov 2015: Two papers accepted to ICPE
  • Oct 2015: Stephen and Srini's Solartopia project wins the UMass Hackathon
  • Sep 2015: NSF grant on creating utility-driven smart energy driven services announced
  • Sep 2015: Lucas joined as a M.S/ Ph.D Student.
  • Mar 2015: Video BenchLab 3.0 released
  • Mar 2015: HPDC paper accepted
  • Feb 2015: Eurosys paper accepted
  • Jan 2015: LASS research was featured in ResearchNext


  • Nov: Two papers selected as top three papers in Buildsys
  • Jul: Benoy Varghese joins as a visiting researcher from NICTA
  • Aug: Patrick joined as a BayState scholar


  • June: Keynote talk at ACM GreenMetrics
  • June 5: Program chair for ACM Buildsys 2013 and ACM e-Energy 2014.
  • June 1: mBenchLab gets Best paper award at ACM/IEEE IWQOS
  • May 30: Best paper runner-up at ACM e-Energy 2013
  • April 21: Keynote talk at ACM ICPE
  • April: R. Singh to join IBM Watson
  • April: 4.5M award from MLSC for MGHPCC life sciences cluster
  • Jan 20: Lab alums Tim Wood and David Irwin get NSF Career awards;


  • Dec 5, 2012: Yank paper accepted at NSDI;
  • Nov 27, 2012: Selected as IEEE fellow
  • Oct 2012: MRI MGHPCC Cluster awarded;
  • 5/12: D. Irwin to join UMass ECE as Asst Professor;
  • 4/12: U. Sharma to join IBM Watson
  • 4/12: SmartCap paper presented in Percom Best papers session.
  • 1/12: Comsnets paper makes best paper.
  • 1/12: GreenNet paper wins best paper.


  • 2/11: 3LM, company co-founded by Lass alum Gaurav Mathur acquired by Motorola. (Read more)
  • 2/11: Upendra Sharma awarded a prestigious IBM Fellowship.
  • 2/11: Papers accepted at Eurosys, ASPLOS, Sigmod and VLDB
  • 1/11: Industry grants from IBM and NEC. Thank you to our sponsors.


  • 12/10: Papers accepted at ACM MMSys, VEE, Infocom


  • 10/09: Prashant Shenoy named Distinguished member of the ACM
  • 10/09: GENI grant on cloud control
  • 6/09: Prashant Shenoy promoted to Full Professor
  • 1/1/09: Papers accepted at INFOCOM, VEE, ICDE, and EWSN.


  • 10/15/08: GENI grant for Sensor Virtualization awarded.
  • 10/1/08: Peter Desnoyers wins department's Yahoo Outstanding Thesis Award and nominated for ACM Dissertation Award.
  • 9/1/08: Peter Desnoyers joins Northeastern University as Assistant Professor.
  • 8/1/08: Emmanuel Cecchet joins LASS as Senior Research Fellow.
  • 2/1/08: Aditya Nemmaluri defends MS thesis and joins Cisco.
  • 2/1/08: Rick Cocci defends MS thesis and joins State Street.


  • 9/14/07: Peter Desnoyers defends Ph.D thesis and joins VMware.


  • 10/6/06: Puru Kulkarni defends Ph.D thesis. To join IIT Bombay as Assistant Professor
  • 9/1/06: Ferret RFID paper featured in the news.
  • 8/28/06: Xiaotao Liu defends Ph.D thesis; joins EMC as Senior Research Scientist.
  • 8/1/06: Li Huan defends PhD thesis; to join Beihang University, Beijing as Associate Professor.
  • 6/29/06: Capsule paper to appear at Sensys'06.
  • 6/8/06: Ferret RFID paper to appear at Ubicomp.
  • 6/2/06: Puru Kulkarni to join IIT Bombay as Asst. Professor, Xiaotao Liu to join EMC Advanced Technology Labs as Sr. Research Scientist.
  • 1/15/06: Deepak Ganesan receives NSF Career award.


  • 11/9/05: Xiaotao Liu receives Best Paper award at ACM Multimedia 2005. SensEye paper is a Best Student Paper Finalist.
  • 10/17/05: Vijay Sundaram defends his Ph.D. thesis. Will join Microsoft.
  • 9/1/05: Two papers nominated for awards. Puru Kulkarni's SensEye paper nominated for Best Student paper at ACM Multimedia. Xiaotao Liu's SEVA paper nominated for Best Paper at the conference.
  • 8/15/05: Abhishek Chandra's Ph.D. thesis nominated for the ACM Best Dissertation Award by the department.
  • 8/9/05: Bhuvan Urgaonkar defends his Ph.D. thesis.
  • 6/16/05: Bhuvan gets Best Student paper award at Autonomic Computing conference
  • 5/15/05: Bhuvan Urgaonkar to join Penn State as Assistant Professor
  • 4/15/05: Sensor group web site goes online
  • 1/22/05: Arun Venkataramani joins as Assistant Professor


  • 10/6/04: The UMass Trace Repository goes online.
  • 10/4/04: Abhishek Chandra joins Univ of Minnesota as Asst. Professor
  • 9/20/04: Abhishek Chandra successfully defends his Ph.D thesis
  • 9/1/04: Deepak Ganesan joins as Assistant Professor
  • 8/6/04: Prashant Shenoy promoted to Associated Professor

LASS publications and accomplishments have been featured in the following news articles.