DiskSim is a disk array simulator that was built at the Distributed Computing Multimedia Laboratory, Univ. of Texas at Austin, and is now being refined by LASS. DiskSim is primarily meant for simulating continuous media workloads accessing disk arrays. Initial support for conventional workloads (i.e., text workloads) is available in the current version. This will be improved further in future releases.

DiskSim will run on most UNIX based platforms. You will need a C++ compiler (preferably g++) to compile DiskSim. You will also require csim, a simulation package available from Mesquite Software in order to compile DiskSim.

Currently, a beta version of DiskSim (version 0.9) is available. DiskSim is distributed under the Gnu General Public Licence.

The documentation available with the source code is currently sketchy. I am working on it and hope to release a user manual soon.

Version 1.0 is slated for a Fall 99 release.

Please send your comments to shenoy@cs.umass.edu

Prashant Shenoy
Last modified: Sat Jun 19 15:06:00 EDT 1999